Vision and mission


We envision to develop highly educated, economically, socially, and responsible, self-reliant families and communities who shall be able to get involved and actively participate in local community and national progress.


As a corporate social arm evolving into the 21st century, the Foundation shall act as a catalyst and umbrella in uplifting the dignity of the Filipino-Japanese descendants and poor Filipinos by providing assistance in promoting the health, education, and welfare of the poor and deserving Filipinos and Filipino-Japanese descendants in Northern Luzon, especially those from Baguio City and the Benguet Province.

1.    To provide educational grants, scholarships, and financial assistance to deserving Filipino-Japanese descendants and poor but deserving non-descendants in the Northern Luzon area, in order for them to pursue a formal secondary,  college and or vocational education.


2.   To provide seminars, workshops, and training activities as well as exposure to Japanese culture, arts and, discipline to qualified recipients in order that they become models to society and eventually be of help in the upliftment of the socio-economic status of their families and the Philippines in general.


3.   To engage in research and to conduct seminars, workshops, and other related activities on productive enterprises and undertakings of any kind designed to improve and develop the industrial, technological, and agricultural efficiency of the people in the remote areas of Northern Luzon through the Filipino- Japanese descendants.


4.   To continue to be socially responsible by supporting the communities where Filipino-Japanese descendants and scholars live and provide opportunities for them to enhance their knowledge, skills, talents, and character, thereby enabling them to improve the quality of life of their own families and work harmoniously towards community and nation-building.


5.   To be an able partner in government, religious and civic organizations so as to contribute and add value to the Philippine society, thereby preserving the good image of Japanese descendants, especially in the City of Baguio, Benguet Province, and the Northern Luzon region.


6.   To act as caretakers and assist in the maintenance of the historical markers in the Northern Luzon area in the undertaking of the following:  maintenance of the Japanese Cemeteries in Baguio City and Buyagan, La Trinidad, Benguet in coordination with the Embassy of Japan in Manila; maintenance of the Japanese Memorial Garden in coordination with the Japan-Phils International Friendship Association of War Veterans; maintenance of the Kennon Viewdeck and Park in coordination with the City of Baguio; and other undertakings as may be deemed necessary in the future.


7.   To work hand-in-hand with any legal entities to achieve the following:


To be able to make proper representation with the Japanese Embassy as to a listing of all World War II-displaced Japanese descendants (“Nikkei-jin”) within the Northern Luzon region who are properly and legally identified as a child/children of pre-war Japanese Nationals. 


To be able to provide relevant, detailed information on a member of the Filipino-Japanese Friendship Association of Northern Luzon, Inc., pursuant to the requirements of the Japanese government and that of the Philippine government in order to get the proper identity as a Japanese descendant (“Nikkei-jin”).


To be able to continue the search for all Japanese descendants in the Northern Luzon region who are not aware of the programs being undertaken by the Foundation and Association, on account of the lack of information or inaccessibility to information owing to their place of residence being located in the remote and far-flung areas Northern Luzon.


8.   To finance and/or raise money and receive donations from benefactors in Japan towards the attainment of the Vision and Mission and the Goals and Objectives of the organization.