OUR History

September 1972 marked the humble beginnings of the Filipino-Japanese  Friendship Association of Northern Luzon Inc. through the pioneering spirit of Sister Theresia Unno. FMM.  Gathering a small group of Filipino-Japanese descendants deprived, ostracized, and scattered elsewhere in the country on account of the war, she banded the few remaining nikkei-jins back into the fold of society, assuring them that the human heart is big and forgiving.  One by one, they surfaced, multiplying slowly but surely over the 30 years since they first saw a ray of hope in Sister Theresia, whose encouragement eased their pain and spurred them to work together to achieved development for future generations.


Since its inception in 1972, the Association has grown into a viable organization, evolving 15 years later in 1987 into what is now the Filipino-Japanese Foundation of Northern Luzon, Inc., aimed at developing its members into loyal and useful citizens of the country.  Its flagship project is the educational program that awards educational grants, both high school and college, to children of members through the benevolent and generous assistance of philanthropic individuals and groups from Japan.


Today Abong, as the Foundation is fondly called, is home to thousands of Filipino-Japanese descendants who have found a wellspring of hope in Sister Theresia Unno as she continues to touch the lives of six generations of Filipino-Japanese descendants.